Missoula Concrete Construction specializes in precast and prestressed concrete products. Our PCI Certified Plant produces high strength, quality products with many LEED Certified energy efficiency points. Projects vary from large structures such as commercial buildings, parking structures and stadiums, to small projects such as Vault Concrete Toilets. Precast concrete is extremely versatile both structurally and architecturally. If you don't see what you're looking for here, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to find the best solution for your building needs.
Wall Panels

Precast wall panels offer versatility, structural integrity, energy efficiency and style. MCC has produced wall panels for a variety of businesses, homes and industrial buildings. Our wall panels are designed by a licensed civil engineer to meet any set of standards. They can also be built to include "sandwich" insulation with a layer of concrete, a layer of insulation and another layer of concrete that will ensure an energy efficient final product. MCC can also produce both architectural and structural panels with finishes ranging from acid-washed to a brick or log look.






Parking Structures

Designing a parking structure using precast concrete is an economical way to fulfill your parking needs. Precast is not only cost effective and quick to build, but it can also add style to the project. The Jackson Street parking structure (left photo-Helena, MT) is an example of precast architectural abilities by using the precast to blend esthetics while also creating the structural integrity of the structure. Our precast parking structures typically include sixty foot column free spans and highly consolidated high strength factory cast concrete. Precast concrete allows for long term durability as well as low maintenance.







Latrines & Utility Buildings

MCC has built a number of small buildings which include rest areas and Loran stations. Precast concrete is a quick and convenient, economical and low maintenance solution to your small building needs. In addition, MCC is an approved supplier for single vault toilets and utility buildings under the National Government Contract. We have been manufacturing these small buildings for over 20 years, all of which are still in use today. If you would like a quote, simply click here.










We have built precast risers for stadiums such as the Washington Grizzly Stadium, Bobcat Stadium, Hayward Field (University of Oregon/Nike) and the Missoula Civic (Osprey) Stadium. Benefits of building precast risers include versatility, durability, cost effectiveness and a high quality finished product.









MCC partners with EverLog™ Systems in producing their EverLog™ product line. EverLogs™ are the worry free and environmentally friendly solution to log construction. Made of concrete their exterior logs offer the exact character, texture, and warm appeal of quality wood logs. Patented EverLogs™ also eliminate the structural instability, costly maintenance, and susceptibility to fire, mold, insects, and other problems commonly associated with log construction.








MCC specializes in short span slab bridges 30 feet or less. These bridges are a quick, economical structure that can be used wherever, including remote locations.








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