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Missoula Concrete Construction is a quickly growing, prestressed/precast concrete company prominent in Montana as well as the pacific northwest. As the company grows, we are continually looking for self motivated, talented, and technically skilled individuals who can help take our company to the next level.
To meet the growing demands of the fast-moving industry of concrete construction, Missoula Concrete is continually looking for laborers, college graduates and seasoned professionals who can help take our company to the next level.

Open Position

  • Production Manager

  • Qualified applicant’s mail resumes to:

  • Bc Concrete Inc. dba Missoula Concrete Construction

  • Attn: Adam Bauer (406) 549-9682

  • PO Box 16086

  • Missoula, MT 59808

  • Missoula Concrete Construction operating out of Missoula, MT has an opening for 1 Production Manager. Duties include the following: Analyze and assess materials and manpower needed to create the designed products. Create molds necessary to produce desired precast structure.

  • Review and identify best batch that makes composition for concrete for the structure. Ensure appropriate stressing mechanisms are installed to provide strength in the finished concrete products. Ensure efficient and optimal concrete mix is utilized per structural component. Identify optimal cure times and stress times for precast concrete structure to achieve design specifications for strength, load, and deflections. Oversee destructive testing to make sure that products meet engineers design specifications. Supervises 8-12 production personnel per project.

  • Minimum Requirements: Applicants must have High School Diploma or equivalent, with 3 years of experience in precast concrete

  • Alternate: Associates Degree with 2 years’ experience in precast concrete

Missoula Concrete Construction

Precast Concrete Specialists

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